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SYSTEM RELOAD is often the best fix under the following conditions:

Computers has become extremely slow

Virus infection

Hard drive failure

System files corrupt or missing things not working correctly.

Installation of new operating systems

Upgrade to a larger hard drive.

System reload means starting fresh with a new or freshly formatted (erased) hard drive. (back up files to thumb drive or flash drive, ideal in redundancy.

Related terms are OS Recovery, System Recovery, Restore from Drive Image, Not the same as System restore to an earlier point.

MAC Computers running OS X  have a utility called Time Machine. When an external hard drive is connected, time machine can create the backup and then simplify the recovery from a serious problem.

Of course, I am not relating all possible problems and solutions, but I am trying to give a good general idea about the nature of problems and the solutions available to those problems.

Reloading the computer:


All important files must be copied to Thumb Drive or another drive (even remote storage via the Internet).

Files not copied can be lost forever!

If a system reload is to be done, then you will need to find, identify, or order the Windows, Mac or other operating system installation partition, CD's and other previously installed software CD's, DVD's or recovery partitions before you begin the recovery or reload process. These images or disks are needed to reinstall the software that came with the computer or was purchased and installed later.

Your music, your documents and all your other data is your responsibility. Anecdotal evidence says that 1 out of 3 computers may suffer complete data loss every 3 years, so I urge users to backup before problems arrive as an important insurance against data loss.

Pictures from digital cameras, email, downloads and documents may be lost forever without a simple copy of important data backup onto external storage.

I recommended the creation of  two copies of data, including but not limited to documents, pictures, music, videos, favorites, email, account settings for email and online hosts, and passwords. Since many different email clients are in common use and the way users create new folders of personal data storage, there is no simple all encompassing way to back up data, aside from drive imaging programs or utilities like the Mac Time Machine application. More here.

There is much to learn by knowing how computers fail. Computer fail because of

  • normal wear

  • electrical spikes and brownouts

  • heat, dirt

  • vibration, shock (physical and electrical)

  • liquid spills

  • virus and related failures and of course, accidental and intentional file deletion

My hope is that the first few times one uses the freshly reloaded computer, they will have improved knowledge as to what makes the computer work and a better idea how to keep it running smoothly. And, because computers are only machines, and humans tend to use them with little patience and even a occasional bout of over clicking, rest assured that computer reloading skills or the technical skills of the computer support tech will be required and appreciated again and maybe again too soon.

Microsoft and Apple, and other software vendors will often be required to activate your copy of windows. Activation is the process of connecting to a Microsoft or other software maker's server so that the software can be verified as a legal copy of that software. This prevents illegal copies of software and failure of the activation process may prevent needed updates, loss of functionality or the complete loss of use of the program in question.

It is important to be connected to the internet at high speed, preferably cable speeds for the restore / reload processes. Many large updates to Windows, Mac OS, or other operating systems will be required following the reload, and also antivirus, email, and other subscriptions will required internet connectivity.

Also keep in mind that the processes of software running on modern computers suggest a minimum processor speed of about 1.5 GHz and 1 GB Ram or more for responsive computer running. With antivirus programs filtering and delaying data flow and using processing power and the potential for multiple programs running simultaneously, now more than ever processor speed and memory really does matter!

For now, rather than reinvent the wheel,  I have placed this link to the Microsoft Site for the text of how to Install Windows XP on your computer. Vista and Windows 7 have similar reinstallation sequence. Reloading a Mac Computer can be a bit easier, especially if you have a "Time Machine" backup handy.

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